Community Support Opportunities

We are firm believers in not only providing good food and a great experience but also in being a good neighbor. That's why we offer our meeting rooms free of charge, as well as partner with local groups at each PYRO'S through giving back and fundraising. We'd love to be a part of your events and other charitable opportunities.

Giving Back

All of our PYRO'S locations love being part of our local communities! That is why we give back to groups, schools, teams and organizations in many forms. From gift card donations to merchandise baskets and banner sponsorships, we work with you to show our support the best way we can.

Eat Pizza, Earn Dough


Ignite your team, company, or cause with a PYRO'S fundraiser!

To apply, visit our GroupRaise fundraising website. It's easy and takes less than a minute by following these easy steps:

- Find a location near you
- Select a date and time
- Press submit

The fundraiser request must be made at least two weeks prior to your desired date. Keep in mind we are only able to host fundraisers Monday through Thursday. There is no limit to the frequency of fundraisers that an organization can hold at PYRO'S.

Once you submit a request, spread the word to as many friends, family, and supporters as possible to maximize your fundraising potential. Social media and email are great tools to use!

On the day of your fundraiser, all of those loyal supporters will come to the PYRO'S location during the given time frame and enjoy some fire fresh pizza. All guests, whether dine-in, carry-out or order online, can participate. Let the cashier know that you are with the GroupRaise event when you check out. For online orders, use the coupon code "groupraise" to designate your order for the fundraiser. We will total the receipts and PYRO'S will donate 15-20% (depending on location) of the total participating sales back to your organization by check within 30 days!

Please note fundraising is not valid on delivery orders or through third party ordering sites.