Our Menu

We’ve been bringing you personalized, fire-fresh pizza since 2013. But there is more to our menu than meets the pie. You can build your own or try one of our specialty pizza creations, but we also prepare scrumptious salads, flavorful frittatas, blissful bites, and more. Be sure to explore all your options below.

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Create Your Own

Design your own pizza, salad, or frittata all for one price point. No extra charges! Need a healthy pie? We offer gluten free & cauliflower crust along with vegan options.

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Specialty Pizzas

In a hurry, have a tendency to go overboard, or just not sure where to start? Give one of our specialty creations a try! They have been tested and approved as undeniably delicious.


Dressing options include: Ranch, Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Honey Balsamic, Spicy Ranch, Barbecue, and Poppyseed


Looking for a high protein, low carb option? Our egg frittatas are oven fired in a cast iron skillet with all your favorite toppings inside.

Bites & Treats

The perfect addition to your meal, or a great snack solo! Our tasty bites are made from the same dough as our crusts, but are twisted into a tasty treat and are more fluffy.


Satisfy your thirst and cool off with our hydration station. Try our delicious peach tea for a southern classic, unwind with a beer or glass of wine, or choose from over 100 options at our Coke Freestyle machine.

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